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Mother. Survivor. Advocate. Community Leader.

Using a community-centered perspective to shape policy that moves Indiana forward.


From a young age, I discovered the world's inherent injustices, igniting a lifelong commitment to advocacy. Whether assuming leadership roles, navigating the complexities of life, or championing the rights of others, I've consistently felt the call to fight for what truly matters.

Becoming a mother at 23 revealed the courage needed to navigate single parenthood, fostering a deep dedication to active parenting and advocacy, especially within educational realms.

A pivotal moment arose for me at the age of 30 with a breast cancer diagnosis, marking the toughest battle of my life. This experience underscored the transformative power of personal advocacy and resilience, driving me to actively collaborate with healthcare providers and shed light on healthcare disparities through relentless advocacy.

Professional roles, such as Finance Director for the Democratic Party and Legal Assistant in Public Affairs, have equipped me with the skills needed for difficult conversations and relationship-building, essential components of effective advocacy.

As the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Indiana Young Dems, I've learned the art of speaking up for others, honoring their truths, and providing educational insights. This role has become a cornerstone of my career, fostering continuous learning and unwavering advocacy for diverse voices.

Now, as an author and keynote speaker, I leverage my platform to listen, share my experiences, and champion the collective voice of breast cancer survivors. Every story shared becomes a catalyst for change, as I advocate for improved care and systemic transformation in the breast cancer space. Beyond public speaking and authoring, I have worked in Corporate America since I was 23 and understand the importance of hard work and transferrable skills. 

In essence, my life's narrative is woven with the threads of courage, relationship building, and unyielding advocacy, guiding me towards a purpose-driven path of making impactful changes in the lives of others. All of which I intend to take to the state house.

I'm running for State Representative of District 95 to be your voice at the Statehouse.

We deserve to have thriving communities that are safe, provide excellent education, and have access to resources to live healthy lives.


Let's move Indiana forward -- together.


As a candidate for State House Representative, I am committed to championing policies that enhance public safety, improve healthcare access, bolster public education, and ensure affordable housing for all residents of our district. Here's my comprehensive platform:

Public Safety:

  • Community-Centered Policing: Advocate for community policing initiatives that foster trust and collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

  • Police Accountability Measures: Support legislation to enhance police accountability, and maintain or improve the effectiveness of measures already in place. i.e. body cameras, civilian review boards

  • Investment in Crime Prevention: Allocate resources to evidence-based crime prevention programs, including youth mentorship programs, job training initiatives, and substance abuse treatment services.

  • Addressing Root Causes of Crime: Work to address underlying factors contributing to crime, such as poverty, lack of economic opportunity, and inadequate access to mental health services.

Healthcare Access:

  • Early Detection:  Advocate for legislation that will increase the early detection of disease and illnesses. Making sure insurance plans are not a barrier to access such services. 

  • Protect Women’s rights: Work to introduce and support legislation to protect women’s rights to healthcare. Whether that’s reproductive rights or working to decrease maternal mortality rates.

  • Mental Health Services: Increase funding for mental health services and substance abuse treatment programs to address the growing mental health crisis and ensure that individuals receive the care and support they need.

Public Education:

  • Equitable School Funding: Advocate for fair and equitable distribution of funding for public schools, prioritizing resources for schools serving low-income communities and students with special needs.

  • Teacher Support and Professional Development: Support initiatives to attract and retain high-quality teachers by offering competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, and resources to support classroom success.

  • Early Childhood Education: Expand access to affordable early childhood education programs, including pre-kindergarten, to ensure that every child receives a strong foundation for academic success.

  • Addressing Achievement Gaps: Implement targeted interventions and support services to address achievement gaps among students, including increased support for English language learners and students with disabilities.

Affordable Housing:

  • Affordable Housing Development: Advocate for policies to incentivize the development of affordable housing units, including tax incentives, zoning reforms, and public-private partnerships.

  • Tenant Protections: Support legislation to strengthen tenant protections, prevent unfair evictions, and ensure that all residents have access to safe and stable housing.

  • Homelessness Prevention: Increase funding for homelessness prevention programs and supportive housing initiatives to address homelessness and housing insecurity in our community.

  • Housing Affordability Measures: Work to address housing affordability challenges by promoting policies that increase housing supply, preserve existing affordable housing stock, and provide assistance to low-income renters and homeowners.

By prioritizing public safety, healthcare access, public education, and affordable housing, we can create a stronger, healthier, and more equitable community for all residents. As your State House Representative, I will be a tireless advocate for policies that improve the lives of everyone in our district. Together, we can build a brighter future for our community.

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